Potable aka IKA 1 of Africa, lambasted Bobrisky after receiving Best Dress Female at a movie premier award.

In the realm of Nigerian entertainment, controversies often swirl around public figures, especially when it comes to accolades and recognition. The latest uproar involves a sharp critique from Portable aka Omolalomi, IKA 1 of Africa, directed towards Bobrisky, a prominent figure in the Nigerian crossdresser scene. The critique stems from an award received by Bobrisky, sparking a heated debate among fans and observers alike.

Mr. Portable, known for his outspoken nature, took to social media to express his disdain over an award bestowed upon Bobrisky. The award, presented at a movie premier, recognized Bobrisky for best dressed female.

In a series of tweets or posts, Mr. Portable lambasted Bobrisky’s win, questioning the legitimacy of the award and implying that it was undeserved. He cited that Bobrisky is a male, and as such shouldnt be allowed to receive an award in the female category.

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