How Sci-Fi Space Worm Epic Reared Head To $81.5M Opening After Strike Release Delay – Sunday Box Office Update

The move for Legendary/Warner Bros.’ Dune: Part Two from the strike-stricken desert of the first weekend of November to early March produced a $81.5M domestic (as we first told you last night, it hit $80M) and $178.5M global opening, thanks to a near social media draw of 600M boosted by Zendaya, Dave Bautista, Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, and Austin Butler. That amounts to 5.2 million admissions, or 70% of all foot traffic for the whole weekend, according to EntTelligence.

Even if it made sense to move the film’s November opening weekend to March (a decision that was taken back in August), that was a difficult task for a $190 million film, of which Legendary Entertainment funded 80%. And, to put it mildly, nerve-wracking for those concerned. Modifying the date of release can

Jeff Goldstein, the head of Warner Bros. domestic distribution, was aware that early March was a lucrative time to release films, having already brought films like Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island ($61M) and The Batman ($134M) to theatres.

But, it became evident to all parties involved with Dune: Part Two that a film this expensive needed a cast in order to mount a campaign worthy of the calibre of the film. The actors had to make it clear to the public just how unique Dune: Part Two is as a film.

Legendary Chairman Josh Grode states that “there was no question this was going to be a 100% theatrical release worldwide” regarding the sequel. Leaving behind the first film, which Covid ruined, and a theatrical day-and-date release

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